Our Commitment
With us, you can be sure that beautiful goes with organic!

Our Commitment

The textile industry, which supports many people throughout the world and combines both the beautiful and the useful, calls for a profound renewal to reduce its social and ecological impact. That’s why Les Mouettes Vertes has chosen organic cotton and has done everything possible to guarantee the best working conditions for their employees and partners. Thanks to their social and environmental commitment, Les Mouettes Vertes has obtained the most demanding labels in terms of ethics and eco-responsibility… without ever forgetting the style!

Our ecological commitments


What is GOTS certification?

Les Mouettes Vertes is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified: Born in 2006 through the result of the collaboration of four key players in the textile sector, this label has become the world reference in terms of traceability of organic textile fibers. It guarantees that our cotton fibers are 100% organic, free of GMOs and chemical inputs, that our inks are environmentally friendly, and that our supply chain is perfectly traceable.

Why did we choose cotton?

Grown and woven for thousands of years, using techniques deeply rooted in the traditions of many cultures, cotton fiber is the first material used by the textile industry in the world today. That’s why changing this industry has a real impact!

Grown organically (10% of world production) and using crop rotation, cotton makes it possible to sustain the economy of the Indian region of Indore, while preserving the quality of the soil and water, but also the health of farmers and agricultural workers. Growing organically also reduces the water consumption of the sector by half, as there is no need to remove pesticide residues from the fibers!

As a natural material, cotton does not generate any form of pollution. Unlike synthetic fibers, which even when recycled contribute to water pollution through plastic microparticles, cotton can be recycled more and more effectively by fraying to recreate new fabrics, be transformed into natural wadding or insulating material. Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!

Finally, while cotton has appeared to us to be a privileged response to the environmental challenges of the textile industry, other materials also deserve to be explored: bamboo and lyocell fibers, linen, jute and recycled materials are part of our territory of expression, and open up new stylistic possibilities, in accordance with our mission.


Our social commitments

What would be the point of producing exclusively in organic cotton if our partners’ working environment was not exemplary and respectful? Our approach mixes environment and ethics on a daily basis to create a transparent and fair textile sector.

The SA 8000 label ensures on the one hand the promotion of the human rights of employees in our workshop in Mumbai. In particular, forced labour, child labour are prohibited and it follows strict standards of hygiene, safety and well-being in the workplace.

On the other hand, the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) label, a pioneer in fair trade, has the most demanding social criteria and guarantees a fair distribution of value throughout Les Mouettes Vertes textile sector. It also commits us to a process of continuous improvement, at the service of better working conditions.

Finally, we have established partnerships in France with the protected and ESAT workshops in oder to help promote the social and professional reintegration of people in vulnerable and disabled situations.