Storage Pouches

Reference : Pochons de rangement
The 4 bags are made of 70 g/m² organic cotton. Each of them can be folded  easily, similar to a kit, due to a cotton strip sewn on one of the pockets along with a snap fastener.

Its presentation format: 22 x 30 cm (width x height)
Tailor-made products in India :
  • Deliverable within 6 weeks by air and 3 months by sea
  • Minimum 500 copies
  • Wide choice of colours, including your pantone

Technical & creative details

Storage pockets are convenient for easily organizing your personal belongings. These four single-slide products allow you to effortlessly store your socks and underwear in your travel case. If they do not accompany you during your weekend excursions, they can remain in your bathroom for your cosmetic products..

It is possible to personalize them by print, adding a label or an ornament.

Available customisations

All our formats are adaptable to your needs.
Choice of fabric
Made of organic cotton, it ranges from 50 g/m² (translucent veil) to 480 g/m² for a quality used in luggage. Linen, jute canvas, or recycled cotton are also part of our creative range.
Silkscreen printing
The most widely used and economical technique in large series. For each colour to be printed, a printing frame is created (originally silk screens). As on a stencil, the ink will penetrate the free surfaces.
Textile transfer printing
Technique for applying a visual previously printed on paper and transferred hot onto the textile by means of a press. It allows the colours to be kept intact on coloured textiles.
Digital printing
Technique to be favoured for complex visuals (drawings or photographs), as well as for customizations to the unit. Like a paper printer, it will compose the image by a mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
Flockwork, beads, lace, leather yoke, all ideas will be put into practice.

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