Customizable kits

To showcase and store your organic and natural cosmetics, choose our customizable and ecological toiletry bags.
Our toiletry bags are functional and can be customized as much as you like: cotton interior, printed lining, addition of a pocket, a woven label, a logo, a zipper...

Our customizable eco-friendly kits

A range of kits to personalize

Whether it's a beauty kit, a personalized double kit, a school kit for kids, or a quilted pouch, your favorite textile product is bound to be on this page. Our promotional kits are available in a range of practical sizes and in a variety of eco-friendly fabrics with different weights. They're ideal for storing items such as pens, stationery, business cards, make-up, keys, cell phones, sunglasses, jewelry and other valuables.

Whether it's for customer gifts (Christmas, birthday, summer...) or your own collections, we'll custom-make the case or pouch you need. Pockets, zippers, textures, labels: create a unique product that reflects your personality.

The personalized toiletry kit

We develop toiletry bags with your image, tailor-made for your collections or customer gifts. The customizable toiletry bag is designed to provide practical storage space for beauty products and travel essentials. Thanks to all our personalization options, companies can add their logo or name to reinforce their brand image during business trips. Whether for employees, customers or business partners, our personalized toiletry bags are an ideal choice for unique and functional corporate gifts. Your kit can be matched with a whole range of products: a bag, an eye patch...

Zippers, smart compartments, pockets: every toiletry bag we create must be practical to use and meet specific needs. Our high-quality materials ensure the durability of each kit, for long-term use.

Monde l'enfant: our school kits

As a manufacturer of customizable products, we also create the school pencil case, tailored to the needs of pupils, students and teachers. A pencil case is designed to provide practical, organized storage space for pencils and other essential school supplies for adults and children alike. For example, you can personalize your kit ranges with your logo, motif or a child's first name.

Customizable vanity case in organic cotton

As a manufacturer specializing in the personalization of eco-friendly textile accessories, we offer customizable organic cotton (or recycled cotton) vanity cases. Perfect for travel or short strolls with baby, our vanity case is ideal for carrying toiletries with ease. The organic cotton vanity case offers practical storage space. The top opening makes it easy to organize and use.

The personalized make-up bag: stylish and functional

We design and manufacture customized make-up bags and pouches for beauty and cosmetics professionals: products that are both stylish and functional to meet the needs of your business. Customized make-up bags offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality, with smart compartments to organize and transport beauty products and make-up tools efficiently. Whether for professional use, for your customers or for promotional gifts, a personalized make-up case meets the high demands of the beauty and cosmetics industry, while respecting the planet.

Customizable eco-friendly kits

Choose from a range of eco-responsible materials to create your personalized kit: organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen, hemp... All our products are GOTS or GRS certified. Together, we co-create the design of your product to reflect your brand identity: colors, patterns...Whether you want to showcase your logo, slogan or advertising message, a personalized kit will meet your needs for your collections or customer gifts.

By choosing a Les Mouettes Vertes kit, you demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility and reinforce your image as an environmentally-friendly company.

Eco-friendly materials

Our customizable pouches and bags are made from eco-friendly, durable materials, guaranteeing long life and everyday use. What's more, our manufacturing process complies with the most stringent standards, ensuring a high-quality pouch that respects the planet and people. In fact, all our products are GOTS and GRS certified.

Manufacturing processes and certifications

A customizable kit is perfect for people who want to combine ecology and ethics. We are committed to using environmentally-friendly materials and respecting ethical standards throughout our production process. All our products are certified and manufactured in ethical workshops that respect the working conditions of their employees. In India, we work with partners who respect fair trade specifications. In Europe and in our French workshop, we are committed to ethical production standards and a healthy, fair working environment for all our employees. We are proud of our commitment to ecology and ethics, and we hope that our customers will also be proud to own our products.

Customized kits combining organic and beautiful materials

As creators of personalized kits, we design aesthetic and sustainable products for brands that value these criteria. We use eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled and linen to offer a responsible alternative to conventional kits. We are committed to respecting the environment while customizing products for each of our customers. A personalized pouch or kit is perfect for corporate gifts, promotional events or merchandising needs for brands keen to make a positive difference.

The customizable fabric case

Passionate about creating unique, personalized products, we believe in the importance of offering our customers the opportunity to express themselves through a kit that reflects who they are. Our expertise lies in the design of promotional fabric kits, crafted with care and attention to detail. Whether for a gift or an advertising need, a customizable fabric case offers the perfect combination of practicality and style. Thanks to our wide range of choices in eco-friendly materials, patterns and personalization options, we're able to create a unique kit to suit your needs and preferences.

An original and practical gift

Offer your customers a personalized kit or pouch with your brand codes, a unique and practical gift for your Christmas sales events or for the birthdays of your prospects and customers. Our expertise in personalization enables us to create a kit that perfectly reflects your brand identity, incorporating your logo, colors and distinctive designs. Not only will your personalized kit serve as a memorable promotional gift, but it will also be used on a daily basis, providing constant visibility for your brand. Choose a kit with your brand codes to make a lasting impression and reinforce your corporate image.

Display your brand with pride

A personalization kit is a great way to promote your brand with style and practicality. You can use it as a corporate gift, at promotional events or as a gift for loyal customers. By personalizing a case or pouch with your logo, you create maximum visibility for your company. Your brand will be on display every time your customers use their personalized kit, reinforcing your company's recognition and brand image.

With a wide range of personalization options and the use of eco-friendly materials, Les Mouettes Vertes lets you make a positive impression while respecting the environment. Discover our creations and inspirations!


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