Our history

Since 2005, we have been manufacturing your ecological textile products. We specialize in impact products: so that your ecological clothing or textile accessories have a minimal impact on the environment... And a strong impact for your brand.

That's why we constantly strive for the highest level of quality, desirability and eco-responsibility.

Why "Les Mouettes Vertes"?

A nod to our Breton roots, the seagull is the animal that, from the sky, can observe the ecological disorders of the land and sea.

Aware of these changes and willing to commit ourselves to the protection of the environment, we have made the color green our emblem: it designates the beauty of nature, and our will to transform the textile industry.

The genesis of Les Mouettes

Organic food

Creation of the Les Mouettes Vertes in Brittany

We were the first company to create organic cotton tote bags to replace plastic checkout bags in organic stores. From the beginning, a relationship of trust was established with our certified partner workshop in India, which employs 200 people. 

Les Mouettes Vertes and India: an adventure for two!
To transform the textile industry, we need to know perfectly the chain that goes from the cotton field to the garment factory. We are one of the first companies to map the route of our products. These requirements of transparency, traceability and quality have enabled us to forge historic links with pioneers in organic distribution.


Focus on beauty

Our environmental and aesthetic commitment attracts beauty industry players: a new era is opening up for the company, which now co-designs zero-waste products for the cosmetics world.

Les Mouettes Vertes invent!
A few years later, we set ourselves a new challenge: to replace a disposable product par excellence, the make-up remover cotton, by a reusable cotton. It is not an easy task: resistance to washing, softness on the skin... This product requires many iterations at the beginning, until the solution. It is now one of our iconic products.

Washable makeup remover cotton

Les Mouettes Vertes are going to be made in France

Our textile workshop in Laval is the first French workshop to be GOTS certified. We then joined the Façon de Faire group, alongside other major players in the textile and fashion industry committed to sustainable and local production.

Going further!
As a symbol of our commitment to the society we want to live in, and in response to the challenge of the health crisis, the first two products made in our Laval workshop are reusable cloth masks and cotton menstrual panties. A pioneer in zero waste, this creation was awarded the LSA Bio Trophy for the best Hygiene-Beauty product in 2022.


Did you say ready-to-wear?

Far from resting on our laurels, the year 2022 is the year of even greater challenges: we are expanding our textile offer to ready-to-wear, and manufacturing iconic products for prestigious brands.

French excellence
One day we were asked to make a suit jacket for a French luxury brand. This project, which requires an immense know-how, allows us to grow. New machines, training of the tailoring teams, but also creation of an internal design office... Les Mouettes Vertes embody more than ever the French excellence.

Committed manufacturers

New creations are born!

Over the years, we have expanded our catalog to offer a much wider range of ecological products. From now on, bags, pouches or furoshiki are part of our know-how.

Design first!
Who would have thought, at the beginning of this adventure, that it would be possible to create a kit with only one seam? An eco-friendly waterproof lunch bag? Or a tote bag with a recycled cotton flock? At Les Mouettes Vertes, the ambitious projects of our customers as well as the ingenuity of our Design Studio give birth to innovative products.