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Sport, weekend, maternity: we create and manufacture eco-friendly and custom-made luggage and travel bags, according to your needs and your brand identity. Discover our catalog of inspirations and let's create together the textile product that suits you.

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Looking for a top-quality travel bag manufacturer? Discover Les Mouettes Vertes, manufacturer of durable and functional travel bags since 2005.

Les Mouettes Vertes has established itself as a benchmark in the manufacture of high-quality travel bags. Our passion for adventure and commitment to the environment are reflected in every product we create. All our travel bags are made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, such as recycled fabrics and eco-certified components. By choosing Les Mouettes Vertes, you're opting for a reliable travel companion while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

What sets Les Mouettes Vertes apart from other travel bag manufacturers is their attention to detail and focus on quality. Each bag is carefully designed to offer the perfect combination of functionality, durability and style.

Spacious weekend bags, maternity bags, sports bags: Les Mouettes Vertes has everything you need to travel with peace of mind. Their bags feature smart compartments for optimal organization, sturdy straps and handles for easy transport, and heavy-duty zippers for maximum security. What's more, Les Mouettes Vertes regularly offers new collections to meet the trends and needs of its customers.

As a responsible company, Les Mouettes Vertes is also concerned about the social and environmental impact of its activities. We collaborate with ethical and certified organizations.