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We design and manufacture many eco-friendly garments. Find inspiration among our models and let's design together your custom-made sweatshirts.

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Les Mouettes Vertes supports the environment and local employment by manufacturing its ranges in France, and in Laval in particular. Our made-in-France sweatshirts can be worn in any season. They're an easy accessory to complement any outfit. Our quality sweatshirts feature soft, comfortable fleece for cooler weather. Our made-in-France sweatshirts have a real following. Available in a range of colors and sizes, they're acclaimed for their comfort, simplicity and versatility.

Our French textile workshop manufactures these sweatshirts with meticulous 100% cotton details. Plain, colored or with a message, our sweatshirts can be worn all year round, ensuring both a casual look and optimum comfort.
Our quality made-in-France sweatshirts are a must-have item of clothing for your responsible wardrobe. The addition of embroidery will make your sweatshirt completely original.
Les Mouettes Vertes offers a wide range of organic cotton hoodies.

Sweatshirts: a first step towards made in France

Our made-in-France sweatshirts are available at more affordable prices than a French-made knit sweater.
As comfortable as they are soft, our sweatshirts are a great casual chic alternative.
Since the inauguration of Atelier des Mouettes, Les Mouettes Vertes has been committed to local manufacturing and made in France to support local employment.
We offer a wide choice of mixed textile products made in France, such as accessories and hoodies.
These products use ecological, recycled and sustainable materials.
Local production is at the heart of what we do. We offer our customers personalized sweatshirts that preserve textile know-how in France, reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing the impact of transport, and are no longer dependent on international logistical constraints.

Sweatshirt types

Thanks to Les Mouettes Vertes, you can help preserve our planet by purchasing responsible textile products.
Our made-in-France long-sleeved T-shirts and sweatshirts are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.
These textile fibers offer considerable advantages for the ecology, the local economy and consumer health.
Organic cotton is pleasant to wear, breathable and easy to care for. Organic cotton is grown without GMOs, pesticides or insecticides, as it must not deplete the soil.
It is therefore considered a chemical-free plant.
Organic cotton is characterized by its softness. Organic cotton fiber is thick and does not cause allergies.

We offer a wide range of sweatshirt models, with weights of varying thicknesses, to meet your every need. Our teams in Paris can guide you through the definition and design of your screen-printed or embroidered sweatshirt before you make your purchase.

The round-neck sweater

The round-neck sweater is an inseparable part of the men's wardrobe. It makes it easy to create a wide range of looks: sporty, streetwear, casual, chic...
The French round-neck sweatshirt is an undeniably more elegant hoodie than the drawstring hoodie.
Its straight cut ensures a perfect fit.
For a dressy look, opt for a dark-colored hoodie like black or navy blue.
For a more casual look, opt for a brighter color or white.

The fleece sweater

Our fleece sweater is both comfortable and eco-friendly. With arguments like these, how can you resist buying a Sherpa fleece sweater? A comfortable fleece sweatshirt is ideal for leisure and relaxation. The fleece used for this made-in-France sweatshirt is both soft and supple. Its brushed interior makes it extremely soft to wear. The fleece sweatshirt is easy to care for and is available in many colors (black, navy, gray) and sizes. Unisex, the fleece sweatshirt is made from a mixed fabric: organic cotton and recycled polyester.


Hoodie and drawstrings

Hoodies go with every style. Comforting, it's the perfect hoodie to slip on when you want to relax at home. The drawstring hoodie is available in many colors: black, blue, red, gray...
We offer several sweater models, such as the Editor for women and the Cultivator for men.
As with our other ecological textile products, embroidery or personalization can enhance your long-sleeved sweatshirts at an attractive price.

The perfect fit for men and women

Our made-in-France sweatshirts are designed for both men and women.
Intergenerational and timeless, the hoodie is the ideal piece for an eco-responsible wardrobe. The organic sweatshirt is your companion for life. Not sure of your size? We recommend taking your usual size and not oversizing your product.


The cup for Mister

Perfect for winter and mid-season, the made-in-France sweatshirt is comfortable to wear and goes perfectly with chino pants or raw denim jeans. Our sweatshirts are appreciated for their heavy weight and French manufacturing.
Our men's long-sleeved sweatshirts are available in a range of colors, sizes and weights.


The cup for Madam

Les Mouettes Vertes are redoubling their creativity and revisiting women's sweatshirts made in France, with cuts and colors that are more in tune with the times. Curved, oversized, zipped or hooded... to avoid fashion faux pas, choose a women's sweatshirt according to your body type. If you're short and slim, avoid a maxi sweatshirt that you're likely to get lost in.
If, on the other hand, you're curvy, avoid big prints and bright colors that won't do you justice.


Frequently asked questions

There's no such thing as a stupid question. However, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, or if you don't know which sweaters to choose from, don't hesitate to contact our teams in Paris directly before you start making sweatshirts.
Our teams in Paris will provide you with valuable information on products, textile materials, screen printing, embroidery, garment care, ordering and delivery of your custom-made sweatshirt in France.


What is the minimum quantity required to personalize a sweater?

At Les Mouettes Vertes, we take the precept "consume less but better" very seriously. It's our spearhead.
We aim to produce only the right amount. That's why we've designed timeless embroidered and printed sweatshirts and accessories to suit everyone.
Screen printing is a highly flexible marking technique that enables us to print your sweatshirts in very small quantities.
Our minimum order quantity for personalized made in France sweatshirts is 10 units.

What is the average delivery time for a customized sweater?

At Les Mouettes Vertes, we guarantee well-made cotton garments, easy dialogue with our product managers and ultra-fast delivery.
Our sweatshirts are available from stock in France and will be delivered within two to three weeks.
Our logistics department will keep you regularly informed of the progress of your project and ensure that your delivery runs smoothly.


Why choose made in France for personalization?

Customization of our made in France sweatshirts is carried out by a GOTS-certified printer located in Western France.
Screen printing is the most widespread marking technique for textiles. This marking technique is the most economical for mass-produced personalized sweatshirts made in France.
This process can be used to reproduce simple or complex, highly resistant logos on all sweatshirts.
Our printer is equipped with the latest screen printing technology. There are no color limits, as the pigments are directly integrated into the fiber thanks to our inks.