T-shirts made in France

Find inspiration among our eco-friendly t-shirt designs made in France and let's co-create your impact collection. Organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton, hemp: we select natural materials to eco-design personalized and unique t-shirts that last over time.

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Located in Laval, our workshops manufacture a wide range of t-shirts, made with care and respect for the environment. Whether you are looking for organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen or hemp for your collection, we will find the ideal material for your brand.

Renew your eco-responsible wardrobe with our personalized made in France t-shirts. Choosing a t-shirt made in France means feeding the local economy and preserving a number of jobs created at Atelier des Mouettes, our own eco-responsible textile workshop in Mayenne. Our organic cotton t-shirts, made in France, are available in a wide range of colors. These garments are suitable for both men and women.

Our made-in-France t-shirts are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton or recycled cotton. These textile products are therefore 100% biodegradable and more virtuous than if they used conventional cotton. The organic cotton yarn we use is GOTS certified, equivalent to the highest level of organic cotton certification.

The presence of this international certification guarantees that the garment does not contain substances that are hazardous to the people who work or live around the cotton fields, and that the environmental damage will be limited in comparison with conventional cotton growing.

The t-shirt, a first step towards the made in France

Consuming "made in France" is first and foremost an act of good citizenship.

Made in Laval, our made in France t-shirts benefit from authentic local know-how.
Choosing a made in France t-shirt means controlling your carbon footprint as much as possible, and reinforcing your company's CSR approach.
The made in France t-shirt is the perfect example of the value of short, local circuits.

Our remarkable know-how and the mastery of each stage of production are at the service of brands and companies that wish to relocate their production in France while benefiting from the best social and environmental conditions.

A more responsible organic cotton t-shirt

When you want to dress a little more ethically, organic cotton t-shirts are a natural choice for your wardrobe. By choosing a t-shirt made in France, you're supporting the local economy and industry.
The environmental impact of your t-shirt is also lower than that of a t-shirt from Asia, since it requires less transport and the textile materials used are mostly linen, organic cotton or recycled materials.

Types of t-shirts

T-shirts come in an infinite variety of cuts - some oversized, others slim, fitted or straight. They can be plain or patterned. You can personalize your bio shirt to match your brand code.
Collars are an essential part of the t-shirt, and are largely responsible for its durability over time. Different collars exist: round, boat, V-neck...


Robust organic cotton t-shirts made in France

To offer you sturdy T-shirts made in France, we've chosen to work with GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled cotton.
We use recycled cotton because we are truly motivated and sensitive to the idea of reclaiming the textiles entrusted to us by our customers. We actively participate in the reuse of these materials with a view to creating a new yarn and developing new products.

All this transformation takes place locally, and represents a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the relocalization of the textile industry in France.
From these deposits, we are able to transform them and remanufacture accessories and garments from recycled cotton.
This complete solution closes the loop. It has an extraordinary ecological aspect in that we no longer need to exploit the earth's resources.
Recycled cotton supports the employment of people who are in the process of being reintegrated into society, and frees us from international logistical constraints.
This is a very exciting initiative!

T-shirts to keep you warm made in France

The arrival of winter is usually synonymous with freezing temperatures. Our unisex long-sleeved cotton t-shirts adapt to your morphology and will keep you warm for a very long time.
Comfortable, essential and available in a range of colors, the winter t-shirt has it all. When temperatures plummet, there's a simple rule that people in Nordic countries and sports enthusiasts abide by: the 3-layer rule.
The made-in-France cotton t-shirt can be worn as a base layer. This is the layer most in contact with the body.
The t-shirt keeps your body warm, while preventing the sweater from coming into direct contact with your skin.


Lightweight t-shirts made in France

Companies such as Les Mouettes Vertes that are committed to Made in France are committed to making their clothing and accessories with respect for social minima and the environment.
During the spring and summer months, we prefer to wear finer-weight garments. The t-shirt, available in several sizes, is no exception.
The material is considered fine when the grammage is between 120 and 140 grams. If temperatures are high, cotton is quite breathable and doesn't stick to the skin when sweating.
Beware: a light-weight t-shirt may wear out faster over time than other shirts.


What weight for a quality made in France t-shirt ?

The fine, lightweight cotton used for our Made in France t-shirts makes them soft and supple to wear. Women's and men's t-shirts are made from 180 g/m² organic woven and spun cotton.
This weight is the perfect compromise for a T-shirt that's neither too thick nor too heavy.
The knit is both tight and dense, with no risk of transparency when worn.


The perfect fit for men and women

We've worked on timeless patterns and cuts to appeal to as many people as possible. Our made-in-France organic t-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes and colors from XS to 5XL for men and women.
Some of our GOTS-certified organic cotton t-shirts are suitable for children. They are available in sizes from 3-4 years to 12-14 years. Last but not least, our finishes provide unrivalled comfort.


The cup for Mister

The men's cut is slightly fitted, close to the body.
The fitted cut of our made in France t-shirts is by no means tight-fitting. It naturally follows the curves of your body to enhance your silhouette.
For a fit that's neither too tight nor too loose, we recommend you choose your usual size.

The cup for Madam

The women's cut that we offer is slightly curved to highlight your figure. The collar of this t-shirt made in France is flared to bring even more femininity. For even more style, don't hesitate to pair our famous t-shirt with raw denim, a high-waisted skirt or shorts when the weather is warmer.