What eco-friendly customer gifts to offer?

Customer and corporate gifts have long been used to effectively promote brands. Now that environmental protection has become essential, it is essential to favor more ecological customer gifts and corporate gifts. Communication strategies must now be responsible and respectful of the environment. Here are our tips for choosing eco-friendly customer and corporate gifts to build a solid brand strategy.

Why opt for eco-friendly customer and corporate gifts?

Advertising objects allow to reach a large audience. While they used to be distributed without any real consideration of their environmental impact, these marketing supports are now subject to a particular attention.

Eco-responsible customer gifts and corporate gifts are an effective way to combine marketing and sustainable development. Manufactured taking into account environmental requirements, these gifts are designed from recycled materials or natural materials. Their production aims to reduce the use of plastic.

Offering eco-friendly customer gifts and corporate gifts, such as a personalized organic cotton kit, a recycled cotton t-shirt or a furoshiki, improves a company's image. In France, consumers are increasingly looking to limit their ecological impact and are turning to companies committed to an eco-responsible approach to obtain products designed with the planet in mind.

Choosing a range of certified, eco-friendly corporate gifts demonstrates a company's commitment to sustainability. It also helps to comply with the anti-disposable plastic law of February 10, 2020, which prohibits the donation of products wrapped in plastic. This is especially important for companies in the food industry.

How to recognize an eco-responsible customer and corporate gift voucher?

The best customer and corporate gift should be :

  • Eco-responsible,
  • Certified (GOTS, GRS, B Corp...)
  • Durable,
  • Recyclable,
  • Adapted to the target,
  • Biodegradable.

The ecological criterion is the first criterion of choice for an eco-responsible customer gift and corporate gift. It is essential to choose objects made with materials that are not harmful to the environment. In addition to that, it is important to make sure that the object can be recycled at the end of its life. Many accessories can be reused several times before becoming unusable.

It is also crucial to consider the biodegradable aspect when choosing products. An eco-friendly corporate gift will easily decompose in the environment if not recycled.

The customer gift certificates and corporate gifts are also adapted to the target. The personalized products to choose from vary according to the gender, age or socio-professional category of the target. A thoughtful choice is required.


Which materials to choose?

To get real benefits, it is important not to compromise on the price of eco-friendly items. Integrating customer and corporate gifts into your communication strategy also helps to reduce the marketing budget, as they are available at low prices. However, the price of a customer gift and a corporate gift can vary depending on the material used.

According to the 2FPCO, communication with promotional textiles, such as the organic cotton bag, is an excellent way to use the power of memory to your advantage. A study conducted by this federation shows that promotional textiles are kept for up to 5 years in France. A bag, t-shirt or kit with an attractive branding is an appreciated customer and corporate gift, especially when it is ecological.

The materials to be favored for textile corporate gifts.

Organic cotton

If you're going for personalized items like tote bags or t-shirts, choose natural fibers like organic cotton (or recycled cotton). Conventional cotton requires a lot of water and chemical fertilizers to grow. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown with natural compost and avoids the use of chemicals.

The production of an organic cotton t-shirt requires only 100 liters of water, while a standard cotton t-shirt requires 27 times more*. Organic cotton allows the production of ecological objects of the best textile quality. The GOTS certification is a guarantee of quality in the choice of the right textile.

Recycled cotton

This material has a much smaller ecological footprint than conventional cotton. It requires very little water, does not use fertilizers or pesticides, and does not require intensive farming on deforested land. The benefits are numerous. Recycled cotton can come from pre-consumer or post-consumer sources, which means it can come from industrial cotton scraps (such as material lost in the cutting of rolls during garment manufacturing) or from used clothing collected from individuals. Recycled cotton thus contributes to the reduction of textile waste and is part of a circular economy. For recycled cotton products, GRS certification is recommended.


Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) textiles have several notable advantages. First of all, they contribute to the preservation of the environment by reducing dependence on virgin raw materials and by limiting the amount of plastic waste. By using RPET recycled from plastic bottles, these textiles offer a sustainable and responsible solution. In addition, they benefit from the properties of RPET, such as strength, durability and versatility. With their eco-friendly appearance, these RPET textiles can also enhance a company's brand image by demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Some ideas for effective eco-friendly customer gifts

Distributed free of charge at events, the most effective customer gifts and corporate gifts are objects that have a real use. The specialists in promotional items offer a wide range of environmentally friendly items. A tote bag, a t-shirt, a toilet bag or a pouch made of ecological material are useful in many everyday situations.

Among the current trends, you will find the furoshiki, a Japanese gift wrapping that is very popular because of its zero waste aspect and its beauty. The eco-friendly textile bag remains a safe bet for offering useful customer and corporate gifts with a strong communication potential. Timeless and available at a low price, the advertising bob also offers a great visibility to your message.


The choice of the ecoresponsible manufacturer, a meticulous process

Offer to your target customers desirable gifts and corporate gifts with a careful marking to prove their importance and make you stand out. At Les Mouettes Vertes, we offer media objects made of ecological textiles such as GOTS certified organic cotton or GRS certified recycled cotton.

Our team selects the most suitable customer gifts and corporate gifts to improve your brand recognition, build customer loyalty or attract new prospects. Submit your expectations to us and benefit from personalized advice on the production of your branded objects. Discover the best marking positions or the most rewarding personalization techniques for your company.

Your customizable items can be made to order if you want to offer something unique. However, we offer a wide range of products in stock that can be personalized quickly to meet your needs. Personalize items that your customers will want to keep to increase your visibility on all occasions. Request a quote and find out our prices to better suit your budget.

Customer gifts and corporate gifts create lasting links between the company and its customers. For your communication, have your objects personalized by a professional with an eco-responsible vision of advertising marketing.

Let's talk about your project!

*WWF study for C&A.

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