Furoshiki : the zero waste gift wrapping

20,000 tonnes of gift wrap are used every year in France... and most of it is non-recyclable! Have you heard about the alternative to gift wrap developed by Les Mouettes Vertes? Furoshiki has become a symbol of eco-responsibility!

The furoshiki: a trendy Japanese gift package

The furoshiki technique is a Japanese tradition that dates back more than 1,200 years.
In medieval Japan, the nobility used this method of furoshiki to wrap the most precious goods. Today, it is used all over the world!
Furoshiki replaces traditional gift paper, which has such a short lifespan and is not very environmentally friendly: the paper is highly chemical and energy intensive to manufacture, and its printed designs require the use of synthetic inks.

The term "furoshiki" refers to both the square of fabric and the technique of folding the fabric to make elegant gift wrapping.
Often referred to as the "origami of fabric", furoshiki has become the best ally of zero waste enthusiasts. Indeed, this square of fabric is recyclable, reusable and ecological!

Thanks to the Furoshiki in organic cotton certified GOTS, our behavior is more eco-responsible and especially more sustainable!

Furoshiki, an eco-responsible alternative to gift paper

This packaging solution is multi-purpose. It can become a fashion accessory: a scarf for the hair, around the neck, tied on the handle of a handbag. It can also be used to carry objects or as interior decoration.

These traditionally fine and colorful cotton fabric squares require no tape or ribbon.

The Furoshiki is meant to be passed on many times, and is a true product of shared use. And by offering a furoshiki, its recipient will remember this moment of sharing when he will use it to wrap a present.

Our tips for a perfect furoshiki folding

Furoshiki is not only for the most skilled of hands.
Folding a furoshiki seems complicated? Know that you can find tutorial videos on the internet that present hundreds of folding and knotting techniques.
Don't hesitate to try these square-shaped fabrics to perfect your beautiful packages during the holidays!

What could be better than a colorful design that reflects your image?

At Les Mouettes Vertes, we make custom-made products.
The classic formats are from 50 x 50 cm to 110 x 110 cm.
A 70 g/m² weight will bring more lightness, like a sail or a muslin.
A 118 g/m² weight will offer a more opaque rendering. The print designs can be based on your company's visual identity and our creative team can also offer you inspiring and unique illustrations!

Les Mouettes Vertes propose several furoshiki squares with delicate colored patterns.
An original way to offer a gift while contributing to improve your impact on the environment.
Thanks to the folded furoshiki, you will obtain a gift wrapped in an original and refined way with a simple and distinguished bow on the top.
The furoshiki makes it possible to avoid traditional and superfluous gift wrapping, ribbons, strings, gift boxes, gift envelopes...

Our 100% organic cotton products are made in India in an eco-responsible and fair trade workshop or in France at L'Atelier des Mouettes. Our cotton is free of chemicals, GMOs, insecticides and pesticides. Our staff benefits from respectful working conditions, and we are committed to a continuous improvement process for a fairer and more equitable relationship. This is the meaning of our label WFTO (Worldwide Fair Trade organization)

Maybe the Furoshiki could find its place in the next Mother's and Father's Day?

Discover our catalog of furohiki inspiration and create the one that suits you!

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