Tote bag made in France

The tote bag made in France has become a top promotional item for brands and events. Offered as a gift, this tote bag effectively conveys your message.
Proudly worn by women on the street, this customizable fabric accessory is undeniably a creator of lasting links with your customers. The tote bag made in France is one of the ecological goodies that reinforce the positive and lasting impact of your brand.
In fact, choosing proximity by calling on the know-how and technical skills of Atelier des Mouettes reduces your carbon footprint, preserves the environment and supports local employment.


Today, tote bags made in France are evolving to adapt to new trends.
Your employees, prospects and partners have new requirements and are looking for advertising tote bags with a beautiful print.
Les Mouettes Vertes offer a wide range of ecological textile products.
These different personalized goodies allow you to reinvent your communication through the object. At Les Mouettes Vertes, we have been offering for several years 100% French personalized cotton bags that reinforce your responsible and committed communication.
If biodiversity and respect for the environment are the spearhead of your CSR approach, bet on our canvas tote bag made in France.
Our advertising fabric tote bag is available in a wide range of colors.
They are made from GOTS certified organic cotton or recycled cotton.
The customizable tote bags are woven and made in France, more precisely at the Atelier des Mouettes, thus favoring local production methods and limiting the transport of goods at the time of delivery.

Practical and aesthetic, the advertising tote bag has many advantages insofar as it offers a large capacity and a large surface of marking allowing to develop your brand image in a unique way. These colored accessories are offered at attractive prices.
Compact and light, the tote bag France can be carried absolutely everywhere.
It represents a great alternative to plastic bags.
The origin and quality of your tote bag made in France will remain engraved in the minds of prospects to whom you distribute them.

What is a tote bag?

A true fashion accessory for several years, the personalized tote bag France is reinvented thanks to eco-friendly materials, colors and innovative formats that will certainly make a splash at your events.

The tote bag is a rectangular canvas bag. With two handles and a large opening, this accessory is usually worn on the shoulder. Etymologically, the term "tote bag" comes from the English verb "to tote" which means "to carry". This is indeed the primary function of this tote bag, which is used to carry shopping, sports equipment or personal belongings.

The organic cotton tote bag is at the heart of the approach of Mouettes Vertes, a historic player in zero waste.
For seventeen years, the company's mission has been to offer companies textile solutions with a positive environmental and social impact to fight against single-use plastic, disposable and conventional textiles.
Les Mouettes Vertes counts among its loyal customers organic food networks, fashion brands and cultural actors.
Les Mouettes Vertes have progressively built up an expertise in ecological textiles, in particular organic cotton, and have expanded their product ranges in order to meet the needs of all actors committed to sustainable development.

Why use a tote bag for shopping?

Originally, the canvas tote bag was used to carry groceries and bread.
It was an ecological way to get rid of the plastic bags distributed at the checkout. Today, the tote bag France goes beyond its practical aspect and has become in a few years a fashion accessory in its own right.
This tote bag is both light and resistant. It is ideal for carrying your belongings on any occasion.
The tote bags France made at the Atelier des Mouettes are manufactured in a quality industry.

The tote bag is the ultimate shopping bag. It combines practicality and aesthetics.
Trendy and reusable at will, this large foldable fabric bag is also spacious and washable.
The tote bag is one of the most durable advertising bags and kept over the years thanks to its aesthetics. It is often offered as a gift at professional events.
Infinitely customizable, it is a great way to complete a casual look.

The canvas bag is no longer confined to the rank of eco-friendly shopping bags.
The tote bag France is now available in a multitude of fabrics, colors, weights, styles and sizes.
The manufacturing of the tote bag France in GOTS certified organic cotton makes the advertising bag more supple and pleasant to the touch.
For shopping, it is recommended to choose a tote bag with a thick and qualitative weight.
Several marking techniques are at your disposal to personalize your canvas tote bag such as embroidery, silk-screen printing, transfer or even digital printing.
These techniques of personalization will help you to make visible your logo, name of your company, website or slogan.
The recommendations on the position of the marking and the technique of personalization the most adapted to the product are transmitted by our office of style integrated and impassioned by its trade.

We manufacture on demand ecological goodies and customized fabric bags to meet all the needs of our customers.
We have the capacity to produce small, medium and large series.
We offer you a French quality.
The selected fabrics meet certified organic or recycled criteria. We accompany your responsible purchase of advertising tote bags France with a strong relationship of proximity.
Your project of ecological and personalized textile products is concretized by telephone or by e-mail with the help of expert interlocutors (dedicated product managers) who answer your questions concerning the prices, the delivery, the impressions...
Advice, accompaniment and proximity are the solid bases of this successful customer experience.
As a reminder, a product purchased well in advance allows you to anticipate delivery times and avoid express delivery of goods.

What are the different types of tote bags?

Our different types of tote bags are the perfect communication tool for your events. Embellished with your company's logo or a visual of your choice, it will make all the difference and will attract everyone's attention to your company and its activities.
Its large handles allow you to carry it in your hand or on your shoulder.

You can personalize our tote bags by adding a print, a pocket, an ornamentation or a label.
The techniques of laser engraving, embroidery, or screen printing made in France are particularly powerful and come to sublimate your tote bag.
Thanks to Les Mouettes Vertes, to create a tote bag with its image becomes a child's play.

Our tote bags are made in France from organic cotton, linen, jute, velvet or recycled cotton.
Available in different sizes, colors and weights, you will find the tote bag France of your dreams.
More than a simple alternative to single-use plastic bags, tote bags France are adapted to the needs of women and men.
For travel, sports, the beach or shopping, the canvas bags that you will distribute to your employees, prospects or partners are practical items that promote your brand.

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How to choose the right tote bag?

If the tote bag has imposed itself to us as the alternative to disposable plastic bags.
In 2022, we become aware of the environmental impact that its mass production represents.

To compensate for the environmental impact of a cotton tote bag and make it less than that of a single-use plastic bag, it is advisable to use the tote bag France on a daily basis for several years.

Les Mouettes Vertes, committed manufacturer of ecological textile products, accompanies you in your changes of use and recommends you to use the tote bags France which you already have. These canvas bags must be able to be used for a long time and frequently.
Concretely, the seams must be strong enough to resist to an intensive use on a very long period.

Don't hesitate to refuse the gifts, that is to say the so-called promotional versions. Although they are free, these canvas tote bags are usually of poor quality.
If you really want to renew your tote bags, choose a model that is as aesthetic as it is durable.
To choose the right one, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Light, resistant and cultivated without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides, the tote bag France must be made of organic cotton.
    Organic cotton is the material of choice for the Green Seagulls. The best is to choose an organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Indeed, this label has the most demanding specifications in terms of organic farming. If you communicate on your CSR, choosing a GOTS certified organic cotton is beneficial for you because it contributes to give you an image of ethical company and sensitive to environmental concerns.
  • As final consumers, be vigilant about the conditions of production.
    The cotton must have been cultivated and manufactured with respect for human beings. It must not be the result of forced labor by Uyghurs.
    You can choose a bag that is certified fair trade. For example, the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) label is the pioneer in fair trade. This label has the most demanding social criteria and guarantees a fair distribution of the value throughout the textile chain of the Green Seagulls.
  • The country of origin of the cotton is also important. Indeed, some producing countries such as China, Egypt or Turkey do not have a sufficiently humid climate to cultivate it without drying up the resources.
    The Green Gulls' cotton comes from Indore, a sub-tropical Indian region where cotton grows naturally enough without needing additional water.
  • Finally, encouraging local manufacturing is considered a civic act.
    Your consumers will appreciate this.

Finally, if you're a woman and you received a number of totebags as gifts; you can always upcycle these pieces of fabric and turn them into cushion covers for the beach, pen holders, pencil cases, bread bags, or a micro towel for sports.

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