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Looking for packaging that's just right for your products? Discover our personalized textile packaging that's sure to enhance your products. Whatever the product you want to enhance, packaging is the first impression a brand makes on its customer. Whether to the touch or to the eye, textile packaging represents undeniable added value. Our textile packaging solutions can be reused on a daily basis, reducing the use of plastic bags and their harmful effects on the environment. Textile packaging is doubly virtuous insofar as it is a vehicle for communication and enhancement of your product, as well as being reusable.

The importance of first impressions

In an increasingly competitive world, textile packaging helps your brand stand out. Textile packaging allows you to condition the customer's first impression of your product. The famous "first impression" is made within the first 20 seconds.
In this very short space of time, the customer will judge your product and associated packaging in the blink of an eye. As a committed manufacturer of ecological textile products, Les Mouettes Verts puts all its know-how at your disposal for the design, creation and manufacture of textile packaging. Textile packaging needs to be thought through right from the product image development stage, and faithfully reflect the brand's visual identity.

Textile packaging: the perfect packaging for e-commerce

Textile packaging plays an important role in your brand's communication.
E-commerce is a fast-growing sector. In fact, it avoids the costs involved in running a physical store.
To facilitate the shipment of clothing or other products, we recommend choosing textile packaging that offers your customers an optimal delivery experience.
Practical and effective, textile packaging must be waterproof.
In fact, the article or parts contained inside must not fear humidity or dust.
We have built up real expertise in textile packaging, and take into consideration the shipping problems that companies from different sectors may encounter.

We design and manufacture tailor-made, eco-friendly textile accessories that can be printed. Our mission is to fight against superfluous products such as single-use plastic, disposable packaging (cardboard, cases, paper, boxes, etc.) and polluting textiles.

Our e-commerce pouches and personalized cases in cellulose felt can be embellished with topstitching. Cellulose felt is less polluting than conventional paper, as it uses fibers from FSC-certified, sustainably-managed forests.
Customized to your brand codes, these two textile products will enable you to avoid the use of adhesive tape.

Textile packaging

Take advantage of textile packaging to attract your customers' attention. We give you the opportunity to personalize your product packaging with reusable advertising bags, pouches, pouches, nets, bread bags, bottle bags and shopping bags. Our tailor-made offer is ideal for designing packaging to suit the diversity of your product range. Specialized in the BtoB sector, we understand all the needs and issues of e-commerce packaging. Textile packaging is one of the essential materials you need to protect your merchandise while preserving the environment.

When packaging rhymes with sustainable development

Eco-design is at the heart of the Mouettes Vertes approach and concerns all its products. We have made real commitments in this direction. We make a number of ecological and social commitments to the design, manufacture and printing of your textile packaging. For example, printing is non-toxic, as it is carried out without water or solvents.
Our partner printers are all Imprim Vert certified, and use GOTS-certified inks that are not harmful to the end consumer's health.

Pouches, nets, bulk bags and shopping bags are just some of the eco-friendly textile products we offer to chains specializing in organic produce distribution, bulk stores and greengrocers. Textile packaging is a sustainable alternative for organic retailers who want to avoid over-packaging at all costs. Made from natural fibers, all our products are reusable.
Thanks to our textile packaging, you can be sure of getting a solid product that can withstand heavy loads.

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Customize your packaging

Les Mouettes Vertes' in-house design office can help you create the textile packaging that's right for you: format, material, printing, finishes... There are so many possibilities. We are able to satisfy all your requests thanks to our wide range of textile packaging. Our range includes several references of textile packaging such as lunch boxes or isothermal bags, particularly for take-away sales, offered in different sizes and materials.


The choice of material for textile packaging is one of the most important features in the creation of packaging and accessories. In the textile world, it's important to distinguish between natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics. Les Mouettes Vertes can provide you with all their expertise and help you distinguish between fabrics.
To create attractive packaging while promoting a sustainable future, we recommend that you work :

  • Jute fabric is a 100% natural material. Highly resistant, its spaced mesh allows products to breathe. Jute adds an authentic touch to bags, pouches, nets, tote bags and shopping bags. Economical, fashionable, strong and customizable, jute is also an excellent, healthy and natural bio-sourced insulator for our isothermal bags.
  • Cotton is known for its ease of washing and dyeing. Using GOTS-certified organic cotton for your textile packaging is a differentiating element. Cotton tote bags and pencil cases are essential for promoting your brand. Cotton packaging is easily reusable and washable. Cotton is available in a range of weights. We work with light, supple cotton as well as thicker, grainy cotton. Take advantage of the different weaving techniques available to give your textile packaging a different look.
  • rPET is a fabric recognized as eco-designed. rPET is derived mainly from recycled water bottles. It is commonly referred to as "recycled polyester" in the textile industry. rPET is one of the main materials used in the recycling industry. Textile products and packaging made from rPET are just as resistant and high quality as if they had been made from "new fibers".

In organic cotton, it ranges from 50 g/m² (translucent voile) to 480 g/m² for a quality used in luggage. Linen, jute and recycled cotton are also part of our creative range.


All our formats are adaptable to your needs.
Our development and design studio is at your disposal to help you design the customized packaging solution(s) for your company, while respecting your expectations and budget.


Thanks to our total mastery of our manufacturing chain, all your finishing requests can be handled by our teams.
We offer a number of embellishments to enhance your textile packaging, such as flocking, the addition of pearls, lace or leather inserts.
Almost any idea can be turned into reality.


We master all textile printing techniques.
We offer several types of markings to embellish your textile packaging:

  • Embroidery: From small, discreet logos to large-scale illustrations, all types of embroidery are possible. Prices depend on the number of stitches required.
  • Digital printing: This technique is preferable for complex visuals (drawings or photographs), as well as for one-off customization of textile packaging.
  • Silk-screen printing: This technique is the most widely used for mass-produced textile packaging. For each color to be printed, a specific printing frame is created. Like a stencil, the eco-friendly ink penetrates free surfaces directly.

Les Mouettes Vertes offers a wide range of promotional textile packaging adapted to your needs. Take advantage of our expertise to create customized accessories and promotional items based on your brand's DNA.

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