Spring-Summer 2024: the story behind the "Tissage Pop" collection

Since our creation in 2005, we have been manufacturing eco-friendly textile products for brands in various industries. Our GOTS, GRS and B Corp certifications testify to our commitment to ethics and the environment. Today, we'd like to share the story of our new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, "Tissage Pop", acidulous and inspiring. To do so, we interviewed Prune, our textile designer. We tell you all about it.


An inspiring, tangy collection

Prune explained that the genesis of the "Tissage Pop" collection lay in our desire to create eco-responsible textile accessories that would serve as inspiration for our customers in designing their products for the spring-summer 2024 season. This collection truly embodies the essence of Les Mouettes Vertes, with its exploration of textures, weaving and knitting. "Tissage Pop" offers a refreshingly tangy range that celebrates summer in an eco-responsible way.


The evolution of the motif

The motif at the heart of this collection is a genuine trompe-l'oeil work of art, giving the impression of a colorful weave printed directly onto the product. Prune revealed that this unique creation was inspired by two major sources.


The first source of inspiration is Anni Albers, a renowned textile designer who has devoted her life to exploring the rhythm of colors and weaves. Her influence is clearly felt in the way the "Tissage Pop" pattern plays with nuances and textures, creating a captivating visual experience.

The second source of inspiration is Nigel Peake, an Irish architect whose work is characterized by interlocking, colorful and sometimes chaotic rhythms and forms. It's this touch of creative chaos that gives the motif its dynamic energy and liveliness.

The pattern has been carefully designed to be adaptable to different scales, guaranteeing harmonious management of connections, whatever the product to which it is applied. The collection includes a variety of products in different volumes: handbags, tote bags, weekend bags, bobs, lunch bags, fanny packs, etc. Patterns are strategically distributed, with some products displaying a more busy motif, while others feature a subtle touch of this bewitching pattern.

A collection for everyone

The unique patterns and textures of this collection can be creatively integrated into a diverse range of products, giving brands the opportunity to bring inspiring ideas to life for the Spring Summer 2023 season.

At Les Mouettes Vertes, we've been committed from day one. The "Tissage Pop" Collection is a testament to our dedication to creating high-quality textile products that combine creativity, ethics and respect for the planet. We look forward to seeing how brands in the fashion, food, beauty and cultural industries will incorporate this unique collection into their own designs, bringing a fresh and original touch to their products for the season ahead. Depending on your needs, our company will manufacture products from our own workshop in Laval, France, as well as from partners in Europe and India.

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