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Since 2005, Les Mouettes Vertes has been supporting changes in usage, encouraging you to pursue your eco-responsible approach and encouraging you to take action in favor of the environment. As a company with a mission, we have formally stated in our articles of association that our raison d'être is to "fight against single-use plastic, disposable packaging and polluting textiles".

As a manufacturer of GOTS-certified organic cotton menstrual pants and other eco-friendly textile products, we are committed to working with fabrics that have a lower ecological impact.
This questioning constantly guides our research into new, more environmentally-friendly materials.

In the case of our menstrual panties, it took several months of work to find the most appropriate and functional combination of materials.
We surrounded ourselves with lingerie experts and carried out numerous wear tests on a wide panel of menstruating women to perfect the French manufacture of our organic cotton menstrual panties.

We have carefully collected our testers' comments and suggestions for improvement.
These convincing opinions and remarks have enabled our development team to define a panty that perfectly meets your needs.
This menstrual panty is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton jersey and is manufactured in France, at Atelier des Mouettes. Our period panties are available for normal and heavy flows.

ecological menstrual panties

The benefits of the menstrual panties of French manufacture

This French menstrual panty looks just like a classic menstrual panty, but with the added benefit of function!
We're more than happy to have been able to complete our range of hygiene products.
Made in France by seamstresses with invaluable know-how, this organic cotton menstrual panty offers a number of advantages:

- Pretty : you can personalize it as you wish, by choosing to add to your model a piece of lace at the waist and thighs or an embroidery

- Economical: it replaces tampons, pads and menstrual cups, which are generally destined for the garbage can

- Healthy: bamboo, waterproof fabric and cotton jersey are the three layers of fabric used to make up the base pad. These sustainable, responsible materials make for undeniably healthy panties that respect your body and won't harm your health.

- Ecological, zero waste: you're taking care of the planet and producing no additional waste by adopting a menstrual panty. They'll fit seamlessly into your beauty routine.

- Absorbent: you can wear this organic cotton menstrual panty easily for 12 hours at a time, at night, under your clothes, without being bothered by any sensation ofwetness. Our menstrual briefs come in two flows and will meet the needs of many women.

Organic cotton panties that respect women's intimacy

As a manufacturer of menstrual panties, we have designed these organic cotton panties to offer maximum protection and comfort.
Available in two flows, they have a bottom composed of three layers of fabric:

  • Bamboo appreciated for its absorbent, anti-odour and antibacterial properties
  • The waterproof material that prevents leaks
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton jersey popular for its softness

The sustainable and responsible materials used in the composition of our menstrual panties promise you a maximum of efficiency and absorption.
We obtained the GOTS label for the organic cotton used in the composition of the panties.
Issued by Ecocert, the GOTS label guarantees a really organic textile for your menstrual lingerie, without chemical input nor GMO.
It is the only certification which allows a total traceability of the cotton thanks to the identification numbers of each of the participants of the chain of production. Our menstrual panties in organic cotton were thought to be worn until 12 hours even during the night or your session of sport.
For the moment, only one model exists in several sizes and in two versions: normal flow and abundant flow but we have the ambition to develop shortys and tangas to satisfy a greater number of women. As a manufacturer of menstrual panties, we have designed these models to be as light, comfortable and discreet as possible.
It will be easy to forget that you are wearing them under your clothes.

Environmentally friendly hygiene protection

As a manufacturer of menstrual panties, we wanted for our menstrual panties textiles free of toxic products for the body and the environment without making the impasse on the performances nor on the comfort.
It is in this context that many tests in laboratory were carried out to collect opinions.

Our menstrual panties correspond perfectly to the environmental concerns of women.
They are washable and reusable in machine. They keep their properties of absorption during many years.
Their lifespan is estimated between 5 and 7 years.

The French manufacture of menstrual panties: a guarantee of quality and comfort

At Les Mouettes Vertes, we have at heart to promote the made in France and all that it implies.
As a manufacturer of menstrual panties, we are particularly concerned and vigilant to the idea of preserving the heritage of the textile industry in France.
The manufacture of French panties is both local and committed to the well-being of all.

The creation of the Atelier des Mouettes allows us to create and perpetuate jobs in the making of accessories and sustainable clothing.
Les Mouettes Vertes strive at their level to do social reintegration by recruiting people who had lost their jobs or who are in professional reconversion.

Our primary aim is to defend French craftsmanship. That's why we've decided to manufacture our organic menstrual pants in France, in our human-scale workshop. Our seamstresses have mastered the know-how of the ready-to-wear industry and promise you quality menstrual pants!
By buying our products, you are also helping to maintain jobs in France.
Social protection and the enhancement of skills are part of the Mouettes Vertes ethos. Buying menstrual panties made in France is a guarantee of a quality product and reinforces our social commitments. It's a real commitment that respects human and labor rights. Buying menstrual pants made in France also means reducing your environmental impact.

Indeed, you can be sure that your panties do not travel thousands of kilometers from the beginning to the end of the production chain.
This short circuit operation and this commitment to quality is a perennial model and must become obvious to all.

Each menstrual panty is made one by one, by hand in our eco-responsible workshop located in Laval.
We make it a point of honor to bring unique details and great comfort to our menstrual panty model.
We impose ourselves a permanent research of quality and durability during the manufacturing of our ecological textile products, including our organic cotton panty.

A few millimeters of integrated, invisible fabric provide up to 12 hours of protection and absorption. Are you a professional looking for an alternative to conventional protection such as tampons or sanitary pads? Do you have a menstrual panty project in mind? Would you like to develop a range of panties in perfect harmony with your brand image?

Les Mouettes Vertes, manufacturer of menstrual panties, can answer your requests by formulating a personalized turnkey offer.
Quality and know-how are part of our DNA. We will accompany you with pleasure and enthusiasm throughout your project!

Contact us for more information!

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