Promotional accessories

Respecting the environment doesn't just mean consuming less... it also means consuming better and buying eco-responsibly. By adopting these new behaviors on a daily basis, we limit our environmental impact.

Make the right choice for your company by choosing from the Mouettes Vertes range of eco-friendly promotional items, and take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen your communication and improve your brand image.

Eco-friendly promotional items

To generate less impact on the environment, it's best to choose organic promotional accessories produced locally in France.
Consuming organic products means making a firm commitment to supporting a production method that is more respectful of the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving the quality of natural resources (water, soil, air) and taking care of your health.

GOTS-certified organic cotton is our material of choice. Since the creation of Les Mouettes Vertes in 2005, we have been working with this textile fiber because it requires no synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) or genetically modified organisms.
GOTS is an international certification issued by Ecocert and Control Union that attests to the organic status of textiles. The GOTS specifications cover traceability, organic guarantees and working conditions for cotton producers and textile workers.
For a promotional accessory to carry the GOTS label, it is imperative that all processing stages have taken place in GOTS-certified sites.
The strength of the GOTS label lies in the fact that eco-responsible products only pass through companies that are audited every year.

Les Mouettes Vertes takes a close look at the extraction of raw materials, transportation and use of eco-responsible products right through to the end of their life.
These eco-responsible products have a lower carbon impact than other promotional accessories that cross the planet many times over. To identify precisely which promotional accessories are biodegradable, recyclable and virtuous for your company, you can rely on labels. But beware: there are over sixty of them, and not all are created equal!

Tailor-made promotional accessories

Over the past 15 years, Les Mouettes Vertes has built up real expertise in organic textiles.
Les Mouettes Vertes supports companies wishing to promote their products through promotional items. With this in mind, Les Mouettes Vertes has developed a whole range of eco-friendly promotional accessories for personalization. In just a few years, Les Mouettes Vertes has become a benchmark for BtoB professionals who want to offer high value-added corporate gifts to their employees and customers.

Communicating with meaning through a value-bearing promotional accessory, and innovating eco-responsible products to serve environmental impact, are an integral part of Les Mouettes Vertes' DNA. Thanks to a strong local relationship (dedicated project managers, design and development studio, logistics department), we support a number of companies in their responsible purchasing and manufacturing of promotional accessories.

Because we believe that advice, support and proximity are the key pillars of a successful customer experience, we have chosen not to offer online sales of our promotional accessories. On our website, you can simply send us a request for a quote. You'll then benefit from our prices and the expert advice of our dedicated project managers.

Convinced that eco-friendly promotional items create lasting bonds, we have defined a complete range of promotional accessories made from natural or recycled fibers. This includes innovative products such as our beauty & home accessories( and personalized kits(

Unique promotional accessories

Looking for white-label sales? Want to communicate your brand and events? Want to promote your sales? Equip your staff? Or looking for packaging for your products? There's nothing like the development of personalized promotional accessories to meet these needs.

Put your trust in the Mouettes Vertes design and development studio. Our team will provide you with invaluable recommendations on the branding positions and personalization techniques best suited to your promotional accessory.
Since our business is personalization and customization, our graphic designers offer you a logo vectorization service, submit creative graphic ideas and advise you on the possible addition of a message.

Our design and development studio translates brand codes into custom-designed promotional accessories, and selects the right materials (main material, lining, reinforcements, etc.) to ensure the best possible functionality of the eco-responsible product.
Finally, it has in-depth technical knowledge of textile assembly, enabling it to design products that are not only unique, but also realistic and industrially feasible.

Les Mouettes Vertes also offers a wide range of organic cotton products that are ideal for your corporate communications. Discover our clothing models that can be customized with your logo for special events or marketing operations.

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